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January 8, 2018
Samsung Tablet Charging Application

Samsung Tablet Charging Application for Tablets

Do you ever wonder if a tablet is really charging? You are not alone.

The Battery Charge Icon of a tablet does not provide a true indication that the battery is charging. The Battery Level indicator can get stuck or drop by an unexpected amount when discharging. For example, when a tablet is running a CPU intensive application such as playing a video, some tablets have been seen to go from 20% charge to shut down with no additional warning.

The reason is, the Battery Charge Icon only reports that voltage has been applied to the tablet. If the voltage that reaches the tablet is too low, the tablet battery may be discharging even though the Battery Charge Icon reports charging.

The Solution…LAVA’s free Android app for Samsung Tablets.

LAVA’s app monitors battery charge current as well as standard Android battery information to provide a much clearer and real-time understanding of how well the tablet is charging. You will be able to tell quickly if the tablet is DRAINING or CHARGING, and at what rate. This app is very useful for developers of commercial tablet applications using LAVA’s STS-** USB/LAN/PoE devices.  Download your free copy from the Google Play store.

The app provides the following information:

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