Micro USB LAVA nLTS and uLTS Adapters for Lenovo Tablets

Our LAVA nLTS and uLTS Lenovo tablet adapters enable USB 2.0 peripherals to be attached to Lenovo tablets while simultaneously charging the tablet and connected accessories. All supported by the unique LAVA SimulCharge mode for simultaneous data and charging. Configurations also support Ethernet and PoE to mobile devices. These can be used for enterprise-level solutions such as mPOS, fleet management applications, staff clocks, conference room systems, and more.

The LAVAS uLTS line also includes Completely Autonomous Battery Modulation (CABM) technology which ensures devices can be safely used 24/7 and not compromising long-term battery health.

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LAVA nLTS Micro USB adapters for Lenovo Tablets
LAVA uLTS Micro USB adapters for Lenovo Tablets