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On December 10, 2015 the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) announced the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Final Rule which affects drivers and fleet operators across the country. This law will take effect on December 18th, 2017, with an extension for existing fleets that have already implemented ELD devices. With commercial Hours of Service (HOS) drivers needing to be fully compliant in a few months time so it’s urgent to start the transition to ELD now.


ELDs, specifically tablet ELDs, can allow fleet management companies, to realize a wide range of benefits. ELDs can help drivers run e-logs (no paperwork) in a simpler, faster and more compliant fashion.
By using technology tied to the vehicle and following regulations, drivers can reduce three of the top five fineable areas: not having logs or out-of-date logs; driving hours over their daily allowance; and errors.
Moreover, dispatchers can easily track driver location and hours and managers can more easily monitor driver performance, which enables better performance coaching and more efficient cataloging of vehicles for maintenance and repairs.

The ELD Rule also accommodates the use of wireless tablets as an ELD to eliminate the cost of expensive fleet management telematics devices and to simplify the transition.
The lower cost and flexibility of a tablet ELD makes it a fleet management solution that deserves to be seriously considered.
LAVA together with Samsung provides tablet fleet management solutions and allows businesses to realize the benefits of affordability, compatibility, and paperlessness.


LAVA Computer’s SimulCharge adapters are an add-on technology to the Samsung tablet vehicle tracking solution. LAVA’s nSTS line of adapters includes the necessary engine connectivity hardware and installation into your vehicle. It also includes tablet extension through USB ports to integrate additional USB devices such as printers or scanners to provide the most comprehensive solution to the user. Also, to minimize the cost of the installation, LAVA has a built-in voltage converter which means additional installation components are not necessary.

The nSTS adapters are recommended for automotive applications where the tablet is being powered by a car battery, is portable, requires plug-n-play automatic connectivity detection and the docking station is permanently installed.


SimulCharge Technology

Extend your tablet functionality to gain OTG USB access for added device while charging both tablet and USB peripherals

Plug-n-play Power and Data connectivity

Designed for tablet docking and undocking with automatic simultaneous data and charge for your ELD application

Built-in Voltage Converter

Our adapters are compliant with the ELD mandate and are hardwired to telematic units or car batteries

Multiple Configuration Options

Flexible connectivity options with up to 3 USB ports for peripherals integration and Ethernet to connect with telematic unit


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