LAVA Tablet Education Solution

Tablet Kiosks enhance students’ knowledge retention & improve classroom efficiencies.

With a range of benefits for students and teachers alike, interactive tablet kiosks are promoting learning, increasing educational accessibility and overall efficiency in educational institutions. From online book ordering and class way finding, to room reservations and announcements, the tablet kiosks are transforming the way students interact and learn. LAVA USB/LAN/PoE Adapters with a Samsung Tablets provide a complete solution for some of the most common applications in education.

School LAVA Products Flow


〉Digital Signage



〉Room Scheduling

〉Online Orders

〉Item Locator

Seneca College Tablet Kiosk

LAVA & ARMODILO solution for Seneca College

Schools and universities have recognized the potential of introducing interactive tablet kiosks in to classrooms, libraries and receptions. LAVA Computer together with Armodilo were tasked  with providing both a cost effective and student-oriented solution at Seneca College Campuses. Tablet kiosks eliminated long line ups for students, staff deficiency, and administrative costs due to less paperwork.

Other Benefits of Interactive Kiosks are:

  • Improvement of student experience
  • Smart cards management
  • Security & confidentiality of the information
LAVA & Armodilo Education Solution
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