LAVA Hospital Solution

How LAVA's Simulcharge products with self-service kiosks are changing provider-patients dynamics.

Health care cost issues, along with shifting demographics, are driving monumental changes in the industry. One of the major areas in which the delivery of health care is changing is in the adoption of self-service technologies. The health care industry is increasing its use of self-service kiosk in areas ranging from patient check-in to doctor consultations to the filling of prescriptions. Driving the trend are factors including cost-cutting pressures, the need to serve more patients with fewer resources and increasing consumer acceptance of self-service technologies.

LAVA Health Care Solution



〉Patient registration

〉Patient information access

〉Preliminary triage in the emergency department

〉Patient queueing

〉Online payments


〉Refill requests

〉After-hours prescription pickup

〉Over-the-counter medication recommendations

〉Online payments

〉Lines busting


〉Patient health monitoring

〉Patient health check-ups

〉Educational health information kiosk

〉Personal health record collection

Health Care Kiosk

Health Care Self-Serve Technology Benefits

With the intention of speeding up the process of hospital or clinic waiting time, tablet kiosks should be made available to larger hospitals that have a larger flow of people on a day to day basis. Kiosks that function as basic healthcare check up booths can also be placed in almost any public location and not just a health center or a pharmacy.

Benefits of having health care kiosks include but are not limited to:

  • Reduced health care administrative cost
  • Optimization of staff management
  • Serving more patients and speeding up the wait times
  • Collecting patient data in an integrated infrastructure