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LAVA & Samsung Empower hotels & restaurants to deploy tablet kiosks for delivering digital experience.

Technology has revolutionized how we decide where to eat and where to stay. Hospitality is currently using technology to attract clients, to engage and interact with them, and also to bring them back as loyal customers. Utilizing digital devices is a natural evolution of meeting customers’ expectations and needs, whether it is booking a restaurant table online or using mobile payments at a certain location. Through the use of tablet kiosks, we are not only able to bring online experience to a location, but moreover, provide a convenient customer experience to maximize sales and customer retention.

LAVA Simulcharge Product Flow



〉In-room Tablet Kiosk

〉Lobby Internet Services

〉Concierge and Services Kiosk

〉Check in / Checkout kiosk


〉Digital Menu & Ordering

〉Self-service Payment Point

〉Surveys & Feedback

〉Digital Reading

LAVA Restaurant Tablet Kiosk

Hospitality Self-serve Technology Benefits

With the rapidly growing industry of tablet stands and tablet kiosks, it was inevitable that they would eventually make their way into the hospitality industry. Restaurants & hotels are constantly looking for new and improved ways to enhance their guests’ interaction and experience.

Benefits of having tablet kiosks include but are not limited to:

  • Speedy service option
  • Line busting
  • The ability to upsell other services
  • Provide personalized guest experience
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