LAVA Retail Solution

Simulcharge Adapters & Hubs for Boosting In-Store Sales and Improving Customer Experience

Today retailers are seeking to provide outstanding in-store experience for customers and to increase engagement with a certain brand. Tablet-based kiosks enable all in-store features to connect with customers where it matters most – their locations. From helping customers to learn about products, locating and purchasing items, providing feedback is often a key to increased sales efficiency and higher profits. To make that process seamless, LAVA Computer MFG provides USB, Ethernet, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) hubs and adapters that can be integrated seamlessly into retail tablet-based POS Systems to boost in-store performance and facilitate customer journey to the purchase.

LAVA Simulcharge Product Flow


〉Product Catalogue

〉Look Book

〉Price Checking

〉Loyalty Program Activation

〉Customer Satisfaction Survey

〉Gift Registry

〉Coupons Printer

〉Line Busting

〉Product Aisle Wayfinding

LAVA Computer & Samsung Retail Solution

Many specialty retailers want to offer a modern digital experience that delivers up-to-date marketing messages and comprehensive product listings. Such was the case with a large North American automotive parts retail chain that decided to replace its old in-aisle price checkers and paper catalog system with a new tablet-based kiosk system. The new system would help customers find the right products and prices and create new options for in-store marketing. LAVA Computer MFG was tasked with providing both a cost-effective and customer- oriented solution


LAVA Tablet Kiosk for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4/S with PoE & 2D Scanner