LAVA Telecom Tablet Solution

Interactive kiosk experience in telecom & video conferencing.

The growing trend among kiosks now is to offer more choices and options to customers – thus providing greater opportunity for the customer service function to deliver a truly personalized service experience. As the increasingly techno-savvy customers continue to demand more during customer-driven engagements, kiosks will be able to gather customer content and use the information to deliver a truly personalized experience.

LAVA Telecom & Video Conferencing Solution


〉Video Conferencing

〉Virtual Concierge

〉Virtual Representative

〉Prison Visitation Kiosk

〉Tele Health care Station

〉Video Chat

LAVA Tablet Kiosk Solution for Telecom

LAVA & AVEO Systems Video Conferencing Solution

LAVA and Aveo Systems created easy to install and use conferencing system that enables users without any technical skills to run kiosks in their facilities without any required programming knowledge. LAVA USB/LAN/PoE Samsung adapters provide constant connection for the tablets over the power and peripherals (USB peripherals) while Aveo solution provides entire management system to the users.

The benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Security and confidentiality